Privacy Policy

Triune Collects only such Personal Information that we believe to be relevant and is required to understand you or your interests. Such information may be stored in server logs. This data may include:IP address of your server from where the Website is being accessed, the type of browser(Internet Explorer,Firefox,Opera,Google,Chrome,Safari etc.) ,the operating system of your system and the Website You last visited before visiting our Website.

You are required to submit your information at the time of making an online purchase on the Website. Triune uses an online payment gateway that is operated by a third party and the information that you share with Triune is transferred and shared with such third party payment gateway operator. The said operator may also have access to your online purchase history/details that you make from the website.

The information includes the email address, phone number, shipping address and billing address. Extremely sensitive information like your credit-card details are transacted upon secure sites of approved payment gateways which are digitally under encryption, thereby providing the highest possible degree of care as per current technology.

You acknowledge that apart from your Personal Information, if you upload any content on the Website, such content may be available to the other users of the Website. Triune will not be liable for the disclosure and dissemination of such Personal Information to any third parties.